Sunday, April 14, 2013

. . . I've Been Thinking . . .

. . . of self publishing my next project (Snow Roses).

I haven't decided for sure yet but the prospect of tackling everything myself is exhilerating (and absolutely petrifying).

I'm only three chapters into the first draft at the moment so there is plenty of time for me to decide but I'm leaning heavily towards the idea. I'm just not sure I want a bunch of editers fingering my book, telling me what to tweak to make it more mainstream. And I'm tired of worrying about what might or might not impress or offend agents. I just want to write stories.

Of course, going through all the leg work of editing, re-editing, re-re-editing, copy-editing, re-re-re-copyediting, formating, re-formating, and *shudder* marketing on my own won't leave me time to "just" write but, even if it turns out to be one big disaster at least it will be my disaster. At least I would be active instead of sitting around waiting and hoping like a princess trapped in tower.


Maybe. But I'm leaning heavily towards yes.