Friday, April 1, 2016

A: Avalon

I decided not to do A-Z this year so this post will not be about Avalon or anything else to do with the letter A.

OK. That is completely not true. The above sentence is an April Fool's joke because it is the first of April which means don't re-post any news you hear today without double checking it but also means that today is the first day of 2016 A-Z blogging challenge.



"Apple island" (Did Gawain invent that as a place of magic, just wondering. He does love his apples)

In WHITE HART Avalon is a place inside the otherworld but in legend it is where Arthur's sword was forged and where he is taken as he is dying.

Geoffrey of Manmouth

Battle of Camlann

Ruled my Morgan le fey

Glastonbury --sometimes associated with the real live place of


A place of seeking. Romantic longing. Myth. Magic. Inner world brought into our outer world.