Monday, December 14, 2009

A Second Beginning

Greetings. Although this is my first post Taliesin already has a history. A short history yes, but a history. Wait, doesn't that make it . . . a story. Well, the beginning of one at least.

Taliesin is the name of a legendary Welsh Bard, often connected with Arthurian lore. I chose his name to give to my zine (a sort of underground magazine) because it covered stories of any kind, shape or color, with a particular draw towards no limitations of the supernatural. But, alas, after over a year of scraping change to make copies and hours and hours of folding and stapling them together, even though I managed three separate issues, Taliesin has no readers. I fear I may be wasting paper. And time. And money. For now at least, a blog is more practical.

What you can expects to find here should you return:

Poetry. Mostly older stuff but occasionally I still try my hand at verse.

Book discussions. Not just reviews but analysis of how and why a certain story might work --or not work, coupled of course with luscious praise for good craftsmanship.

Interviews with authors. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about this one. I did actually manage to get an interview from Lisa Mantchev, author of EYES LIKE THE STARS, for Taliesin in its paper form --all the more disappointing that no one ever read it.

Questions --and hopefully answers --about the process of writing.

Anything else that crawls through my brain, itching to be written about.

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