Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Thief. Countdown: 17 days

I finished The Thief last night. I forgot how good it was . . . or maybe I never actually realized that. I read it seven? years ago after my sister read it, sequel first, and thrust it upon me, proceeding to thrust it on two of my good friends at the time (also sequel first) and it became one of those things we were constantly talking about, posting "Eugenides is mine" all over our message boards, giving each other nick-names from the book (I got to be Attolia because I was the evilest even though I was the only one NOT in love with Eugenides) etc. so I've always loved it. Of course I loved it . . . without ever having paid that much attention to the book itself. I read so many books, so fast at that time that I seldom took the time to digest them.

The most obvious thing that sets this book apart is the surprise ending but I don't know if that is the most outstanding thing about it. It was well done to be sure, everything subtly in place, but I think there is also a lot to be said about the over all tone of the book, the unusual characters of both Eugenides and the magus, the mixture of invented Greek history and mythology that feels so legitimate. I've noticed an advent of a lot of mediocre YA fantasy lately and am glad to be reminded that there is actually some genius out there as well. It's just good. An adventure story with a little philosophical contemplation, a lot of character, a beautiful setting and brilliant ending. What's not to love?

Oh yes. And I may be guilty of being just a little --a little --in love with Eugenides this time.

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