Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things That I Love

I love stories. I love chanelling human experiences and emotions into something universal that we can all share.

I love the feel of a pen gliding acrosss the page beneath my fingers.

I love traveling and being in new places, exploring new ideas, savoring new experiences.

I love looking for beauty where no one expects to find it.

I love the tranquility of nature and the complexity of everything working together.

I love the busy chaos of the city where life has to be chased down or it will get away.

I love trying to make sense of things I don't understand.

I love standing on the edge of something bigger than myself and wondering if I might fall.

I love the smile of a stranger who takes a moment out of their own stress to pass on kindness.

I love watching things grow, quietly peeking out of the earth one fraction at a time.

I love the dawn and the sunset, swirling the sky in their endless cyle.

I love the excitement in other's eyes when they speak of what they love.

That is what I love. What about you? What do you love?


  1. I love your writing :)

    I love a lot, honestly... I can't seem to find the pretty words to put it in right now but I blame that on just being generally blah today.

  2. *blushes* why thank you. I hope your day gets a little bit less blah.