Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Things

1) I have decided that I will submit at least one piece somewhere every month just as a way to keep me on my toes. For July I sent a short story "Over the Wall" to Realms of Fantasy Magazine. We'll see what happens.

2) I have decided to revive Taliesin in its paper form after all (not that the blogs going anywhere). If you have anything you want to submit (story, poem, essay, flash fiction, book review . . .) please send it to me ( by August 7 if you would like it to be in the summer issue.

And that is all. Have a super fantastic day.


  1. Wow! Good luck with the submissions and thanks for starting up Taliesin again. I always appreciate people who volunteer their time and effort to publish writing.

  2. Keep me posted on how it goes :) I have that short I'm thinking about sending around, too, but I might just send it to you! Is Taliesin fantasy only?

  3. Great goal! You're so good about setting them. Mine are a bit vaguer...I need to be more organized!

  4. Ugh, I think I meant "more vague". Summer is broiling my brain.

  5. Thank you Davin!

    Taliesin is fantasy themed but if I feel something is fantasy "in spirit" I'll put it in anyways. Or if I just really like it. Your story is thriller/horror though isn't it? That sometime qualifies as a subgenre of fantasy.

    I am quite confident you will meet your goals even if they are vague Lydia in spite of a boiling brian. :D