Monday, August 9, 2010

. . .

Life. Breath. Dreams. Sleep. Death. The timeless image of a wheel turning, spiraling from nowhere to forever and back again.

Reason. Knowledge. Experience. Gained and lost, growing and shriveling, tangling in a withered knot that will never be unwound. Will never finish winding.

Movement. Love. Pain. Fear. Hope. Each moment passes as something new. Each moment scented with traces of the last. Each moment spiced with the anticipation of the future.


How long will my wheel turn? Where will it lead me? How long until I am here again?


  1. I love this post! It asks so many questions that I have too.

  2. Thank you Lydia! I'm glad you enoyed it.

  3. Makes me think of Robert Jordan's WoT series and how he intros every book, though yours has more depth/meaning, IMO.

  4. I like the mixture of questions and statements, the pacing and the inclusion of that one word para..."Time." It works.