Friday, September 3, 2010


My much cluttered muse
Too often abandoned
Do not leave me yet

If I could pen words
For every mindspun thread
My fingers would break


  1. Ohlala! I love that line about fingers breaking- I feel like that sometimes. Although more often I feel like my muse has abandoned me. I need to find the happy medium! :)

  2. love your haikus especially that second one... 'mindspun thread' delicious!
    And thanks for stopping by. Nice bbq wha?
    Jan Morrison

  3. Excellent work! The first describes my own writing life quite well, whereas the second... well, if that were to happen, I'd hope my pen broke first, giving my fingers a warning. Then I'd start dictating. :)

  4. Fantastic poems and I completely get the sentiment. I should have written something for my muse...oh dear, he's gonna be mad at me.

  5. I agree Stephanie. A happy medium would be very nice indeed.

    Thank you Jan. For the complement and returning the cyber call.

    haha. Don't worry Tessa. You can tell him I crept into your mind late at night and stole them.

  6. Taryn - These are awesome! I don't think I have a muse. I do have many, many voices in my head. Letting them out one at a time is the challenge. =D

  7. thanks for visiting
    I love the first line- very tactile

  8. Wow, I can relate to both of these. Excellent job!