Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stolen Hours

So I guess I've reached the "apologizing for having a life" stage of blogging I've heard tell about. Classes take up more time than I remember and there are holidays to prepare for and actual writing to work on and . . . insert a million more half hearted excuses here. I am not planning on abandoning blogging entirely but if I make it on here once a week to read blogs I will be lucky. As far as posting goes . . .

Lately I have been having a really hard time getting words out of my fingers that aren't essays. And its not just time and mental energy. I think it has to do with Notes From the Underground and the terifying (but wonderful and absolutely fabulous) idea that people are actually going to read my writing. I'm used to workshops where the understanding is that the piece in question is a work in progress and I can always go back and change anything that doesn't work. The idea of permanence is scary. The idea that there isn't going to be an editor to accept or regect the piece and thus save me from the embarassment of publishing something that isn't ready even though I feel it is a masterpiece is downright terifying. I think it will be good for my writing and figuring out exactly what I am trying to acomplish with it but its still very scary. I set aside the entire afternoon today to get some writing done and yet find myself avoiding my own words drifting around on the web. I may have to vow not to post anything else until I have a working draft.

So all that is to say I shan't be here very often. Alas that days held time for everything one would wish to acomplish. I hope I shall be back full force soon.


  1. I'll miss your posts. "Notes from the Underground" - now there's an interesting, provocative piece of literature.

    Enjoy your break from blogging. Best wishes with your classes. Looking forward to your return,


  2. Bah, figures. Just when I can come back... Ah well, that's the benefit of real-life friends, though. Maybe sometime soon we can have a crit meeting.

    If that won't distract from your draft, that is. And you know you always have people to check it over for you here :)

  3. I know what you mean--as my final project for my senior seminar I have to prepare and submit a piece for publication. It's nerve-wracking.

  4. A crit meeting might be a very good thing as it would give me a deadline that's not the real deadline. :D