Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Stop Poetry


Desecrate my temple with a candle
With flames that burn beyond the final sleep
Incense drowned in a bequeathed ritual
Lit by men long dead for us to keep
Prepare me for my burial with gifts
As scalded wax drips down sacred pillars
Teach me the truths that ceremony sifts
And learn the innocence hidden by scars
Hear cries of children never born as kings
And pay homage to their everlasting sire
Screams of purity torn from time's sweltering
Defile my memory for every missing fire
Defy the spark dimmed by the fall of breath
As vibrancy passes through strains of birth

To read the rest of the poetry for One Shot Wendsday or include your own click the link.


  1. You have woven a wonderful tapestry, which has allowed me to see these words with a solid sense of imagery. This is a true poetic gem; well done! Cheers, David

  2. I had to stop by, as my daughter has the same name as you. Not one regularly heard, but pretty.
    I read your poem & re-read trying to tickle out the meaning. I sense there are some dark underpinnings here that you are trying to work through.

  3. i love the religious undertones and images here...very good read...thanks for sharing pete