Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview with Gaharis of Orkney

Today I have brought Gaharis of Orkney from my WIP WHITE HART to talk a little about his adventures. Hello Gaharis.

Gaharis: Good day m'lady

Is it true that you serve your older brother Gawain as squire?

Gaharis: That would be the first question you would ask.

Well he is the family celebrity.

Gaharis: For the moment. He'd be helpless without me though. Half the time he
doesn't remember where he left his armor. If I let him do the packing he would bring his horse and his sword and forget basic essentials like food. A map. Maybe a smaller knife for cutting kindling and starting fires. The ability to whistle.

Sounds like you look after Gawain quite a bit.

Gaharis: Haha. I do, but don't tell him that. He thinks he's the protective older brother.

Do the two of you get along pretty well even though he gets most of the fame and glory?

Gaharis: Ach, he's a good man –strong leader type-- even if his sense of humor can be kind of dry. I'd much rather have the excitement of adventures without worrying about fortune and glory. That's the firstborn's burden.

Who talks the most on the road?

Gaharis: I do. Gawain's as sullen as a fish sometimes. Contemplating the meaning of his life or some such nonsense. I prefer a song to pass the time myself.

Oh, do you sing?

Gaharis: Not according to Gawain.
Do you think your adventures will end once you reach Camelot?

Gaharis: Not if I have anything to say about it. The sons of Orkney were meant for more than growing stale in some king's castle. I wouldn't mind a decent meal though when we get there. Food is so much more delightful when one doesn't have to cook it oneself.

Well thank you for coming by Gaharis. Maybe we can get you a doughnut on your way out.

Gaharis: You are truly a lady of mercy.

If you, my dear readers, have anything you have anything you would like to ask Gaharis feel free to put it in the comment and he will do his best to sate your curiosity –provided his mouth isn't too full of doughnut.


  1. I love your character interviews. They're a riot. They all have so much attitude.