Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Character Interview: Head Stableman of Camelot

Hi guys! I haven't been posting a lot of characeter interviews in awhile. The truth is most of my characters have been pretty busy advancing WHITE HART's plot lately and have been hard to get in touch with. No time for me anymore I guess *sigh*. But such is life. I did manage. however, to flag down the head stable man at Camelot and he agreed to answer a few questions.


To mix things up a little I wondered if any of you had characters who you would like me to interview. If so e-mail me at featherzines@yahoo.com.

Or, if your characters are shy maybe you'd like to interview one of mine. I'll keep you posted on who's available. Merlin seems to have been quiet in the background lately and so has Lady Nimue. And there is a dwarf called Abelhard who's been a little impatient for his scenes so he'll probably come out for a chat if a reader demands it (because, after all, who am I but his humble creator?). There is also a ship's boy and crazy priest from a short story I've been working on. So, again, e-mail me if you want to fix up an interview.

But back to Camelot . . .

Me: So how do you like working at Camelot?

HSm: It's a job. I've had worse.

Me: Like what?

HSm: I used to man the horses for King Uther's army. I never got any time off either. That man was ALWAYS at war. Half the time he didn't even remember what he was fighting over I think. Or maybe he didn't care And if a horse slipped a shoe or went down in a fight guess who got the blame? Yeah. You guessed it. Of course I was only a stable hand back then so I got an ear full --sometimes even a fist full --from the knights AND my boss.

Me: So Arthur is a somewhat easier king to work for?

HSm: Most of the time. Although I'm beginning to wish he'd never decided to get married.

Me: You feel a sense of foreboding too? Like the marriage isn't going to work out the way he thinks?

HSm: Oh no. Nothing like that. Guenerere seems like a fine enough queen. It's just been so much work preparing for the wedding. You'd think in a stable that wouldn't be too much trouble right? Wrong. Every guest has a different idea about how their horses should be taken care of. There was even a bloke in here the other day who insisted that he look after his charger himself. A wild flighty cold too. Very valuable and very dangerous and honestly I don't have the time to make sure he doesn't hurt his precious noble master's neck. I can't afford that kind of liability right now. Especially with the horses for the cerimony to prepare. The king insists I don't use any iron in their tack or shoes. You know how hard it is too find gold or silver or really any other kind of metal bits and horse shoes? And I've got every blacksmith on the isle coming in every day claiming they've got the best iron in all of Britain. Very well. If I ever need iron I will let you know but aparently the king doesn't.

Me: Sounds like you need to get back to work.

HSm: You bet I do.

Me: Any closing comments?

HSm: If you're coming to Camelot anytime soon do me a favor and come on foot.

Me: I'll keep that in mind. It was nice talking to you. I hope you get a nice long rest once this wedding is over.

HSm: Don't hold your breath.


  1. I love your characters. They're always so open and opinionated. :)

  2. Hehehe I do some character interviews too. Maybe we can do a swap?

    1. That would be fun Misha! e-mail me at featherzines(at) yahoo.com and we can work it out :)

  3. I've only ever done character charts, which can be dull. I love this idea of interviewing them :)