Saturday, April 21, 2012

J: Jinn and K: Kelpie

Jinn were originally spirits in middle eastern cultures. Another common name for them is genie. In later folk lore they are prescribed as living in a jar, bottle, or lamp and granting wishes with their powers. They can be benevolent, malevolent, or anywhere in between depending on the particular jinn, but most wishes end up being double edged and hurt the wisher more than help him. Jinns can take most any form from a winged human to any kind of animal. They travel fast across great distances and often hold great but dangerous knowledge.

Amazing books with jinn in them:

A Thousand and One Nights
Castle in the Air --by Diana Wynne Jones

A Kelpie is a Celtic water horse that can often change into human form to lure young men and women to watery deaths. They are sometimes dripping wet with wild reed ridden hair while in their human form. It the water horse form the kelpie lures people, often children onto it's back so that it can drown and eat them.

The best way to control a kelpie is to get a hold of it's bridle.

Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of good kelpie books. If you know of any please give me the title so I can read them.


  1. "Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of good kelpie books. If you know of any please give me the title so I can read them."

    I was going to say The Secret of Roan Inish (or whatever the novel version was called,) but I double checked and that's a selkie, not a kelpie.

  2. No, not a lack of good kelpie books. The Scorpio Races is wonderful. Although she calls the water horses capall uisce in the novels, which I assume is gaelic?

  3. You surely taught me something today! I'd like to ride a kelpie, grab hold of his bridle and race a jinn!

  4. Talysman --I loved the Secret of Roan Inish but yeah, that's another amazing Celtic water creature :)

    L.G. Smith --Scorpio Races. Title noted and added to mile long to-read list

    Yvonne --That does sound like fun!

  5. Stopping by on the A to Z thing. An interesting read so far. I have some catching up to do...

  6. My daughter just read a book, I believe it was called Tithe, that featured a Kelpie, though I don't really know to what extent. She just said it was her favourite character in the book. Just meandering through from the A to Z, about to become follower 99 it appears!