Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Once Upon a Blue (Super, Blood) Moon

An orb dangles over a madman's head,
Scattering shards of joy into the night,
Like a chiseled soul or an ancient rune.
You speed past, eager for a safe, warm  bed,
Too weary for shattered dreams of such height
Once upon a blue moon
You do not see my fire's reflection.
You do not dare feel the burnings of yours.
You battle your desires, blind and immune
To the molten gurgle of emotion
Rotting behind a legion of doors
Once upon a blue moon
I will not hear your doom filled lament
Nor heed your defeat infested advice.
I hear truth in the giggle of a lune.
Though it is twisted and weary and bent,
My soul still simmers against chills of ice
Once upon a blue moon
A romantic's dirge and a rebel's rant
Are wound together in the sky's embrace,
In the timeless glow of a reacher's tune.
The impossible becomes midnight's chant
Sung in the winking of the moonman's face
Once upon a blue moon

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