Thursday, March 18, 2010

Five Days

Five Days. I broke down yesterday and just finished the excerpt instead of milking chapter by chapter so I now have five days of waiting without solace instead of three.
Ok, I am exaggerating. Even I'm not that obsessed. Probably.
So now I'm not only waiting but waiting IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK. Is it bad that I still get so involved in stories about people that don't actually exist that I can't stand the thought of leaving a character in peril by *gasp of horrors* putting the book down? I mean Sophos was a slave for Eugenides' (referring in this instance to the god of thieves) sake! When will he finally decide to escape? How did he he get to Attolia? Will he ever see Eddis again? Tune in next time . . .
Next time is in five days. Too long. To console myself I will post this book trailer

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