Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not to Dream

Have you ever been stalked by a concept? As in everywhere you turn the same idea is being discussed? (and I don't mean the latest gossip trend or political controversy.) Things that shouldn't have anything to do with each other start linking together in your head and all point to the same concept. It's a bit creepy but also kind of awesome. Like suddenly discovering the theme of your own story. Or at least this week's story.

This week's theme for me seems to be, breaking things down. One step at a time. Only setting goals I can control. Don't give up. patience.

Its not quite as mind blowing as some of the other concepts I've been stalked by. As in its a common theme for blogs and the kind of books I've been reading anyways but its still there. Waiting for me to notice it.

I've heard a lot of people refer to writing as a dream, whether their own writing goals or after I've told them mine but I'm not sure I like that description. Not because of the unreachable connotations of the word. In my sick, cause thirsty mind that would only make it more appealing. But because 'dream' implies perfection. There is way too much pressure involved in making a 'dream come true'. Not only does it sound too big to tackle but it makes you feel like once that goal is reached everything will be perfect so that once you do get that book published (or house built or promotion or vacation) and everything is not perfect you feel let down like you haven't really achieved anything at all.

Thus I think I am against our culture's preoccupation with 'dreams'. I prefer the less fantastical word 'ambition'. Ambition is a word that can be broken down into steps. It is a goal that can be achieved and then passed on for your next ambition without any disappointment.

Maybe I'm thinking too small. Maybe I should opt with the more romantic word, the one full of magic and fairy dust, maybe 'ambition' sucks all the life out my goals, but I think I'm OK with that for the time being. I can do with a little less luster if it means actually getting closer to that end.

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