Monday, May 10, 2010

Something I am going to do anyways

I remember the first time the thought of exchanging my stories for money occurred to me. I was nineteen, walking to work at the local hamburger joint (yes walking, those who can afford cars that soon out of high school are blessed by the gods)after just having finished my third manuscript.

I was ten when I started my first story (not that I ever finished that one), thirteen when I started my first novel (not that it was any good) but even before that I wrote plays that me and my siblings performed in the living room with our box of dress up clothes. (Yes, we were --are?-- a strange brood but we have fun). I'm not sure exactly when I decided I wanted to write books and publish them but when I did that was all I thought of. Write a story I love. Send it to a publisher for them to print. Other people read it. The End. It wasn't until my day job was interfering with my time to celebrate just finished a manuscript that (I thought at the time) was actually ready for publication that money even crossed my mind. "Hey," I thought, "if I can publish this book I might not have to make hamburgers for a living. I would be getting money for something I am going to do anyways."

Something I am going to do anyways. I think sometimes I need to be reminded of that thought. I am not any closer to getting money in exchange for my words but the years of effort sometimes frustrate me. All that work, all that time and still nothing to show for it?

Not true. I have much to show for it. A story. I was going write it anyways.

EDIT: Oh yes, and there is only one week left to submit a piece of mythological brilliant to this month's literary Idol


  1. What a great reminder. Thanks!

  2. This reminds me of when I was like six, I wrote these awful one page comics and put "10 cents" and such on them, hoping to sell them on the street. I was too embarrassed to try, but I guess I thought of it when I was a kid too!

  3. You're absolutely right. It is something I'd be doing anyway, too. It's so strange to pursue something so wholeheartedly and realize I'd be doing it for free.

  4. This is almost exactly what my husband said to me when I whined, "But what if I put all this work into writing, and never get published?" He said, "Do you want to do it anyway?"

    Yes. Yes, I do. :)

    And keep at it.