Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Topsy Turvy Results! First Literary Idol winner.

The stories have been written

The entries have been read

The votes have been counted


the very first Literary Idol is

*insert whistles, noise makers, feet stomping, and bells jangling from fools' over sized feet here*

Erin Kane Spock with her untitled story about a little girl taking care of her mother.

Congradulations Erin! Send the address you would like your gift card sent to to:


(I will send the zine too but it may take longer as I am waiting on some pieces from my illistrator before I can print it)

Thank you again everyone who sent in submissions or voted. Come back next month for the next Literary Idol Challenge (*hint* what holiday is next month?)


  1. The best story won :)

  2. Woot for me! Looking forward to next month's challenge. Thanks for hosting this Taryn.