Monday, March 7, 2011

Literary Idol Challenge: The Magical Stranger

You may have begun to see things like this around the grocery store

in order to remind you to drink a lot of Guinness on the 17th in celebration of some people (which may or may not include you) being Irish

or . . .

You might sit around the fire and re-tell the story of how St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland.

Political and religios implications of the event aside, the story capsulizes a common theme in literature. The "magical" stranger who comes and brings harmony and wisdom to a select region. Pollyanna, Chocolate, Mary Poppins. Sometimes the Stranger stays and sometimes they leave once everyone's troubles are fixed but they always teach a community in a state of distress how to create richness and magic in their lives. Thus we come to March's Literary Idol Challenge:

Write a 50-1,000 word story that incorporates a Magical Stranger

As always feel free to play with the theme however you like. Use an object instead of a person or maybe the "fix it" is much darker than it first appears. Whatever you come up with, send it to:

by the Sunday, March the 2oth and I will post it Monday, March the 21st to be voted on.

(also, I've added something to the list of Literary Idol Finalist prizes)


  1. Sounds fun. Can't wait to read the entries! What is your deadline so I can post your contest on my side bar?

  2. The dead line is the twentieth. I apologize. Ishall edt that into the post. Thank you for pointign that out :D