Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apologies and Proof I Am Not Dead

I beleive I owe you all an apology. First, for not providing you with the Magical Stranger stories I promised for you to vote on last monday and, second, for disapearing and not offering you an explanation as to why there were no stories to be voted on.

I do apologize. I am quite sorry.

I would further above apology with a promise that such things will not happen againt but, for the first part at least, I can not be sure that it won't. Perhaps I ought to realize that once a month is a little much for a contest and admit defeat but . . . I've never been very good at that. Besides, there is still the finalist prize to be given away in June and there has been at one winner so far. It wouldn't be fair to take her out of the competition. So there are three more rounds left. Depending on participation there may or may not be stories to vote for after the challenges are issued. I will promise, however, to provide you with a story of my own that meets the challenge should there be no other participants. Just in case you come by looking for something to read.

As to proof that I'm not dead, --or wasn't dead and now have come back to life or perhpas am a ghost typing from the grave --here is some of what I was doing last week instead of apologizing for not having any stories for you:

"Touring" the creative writing classes on campus about Notes From Underground

Writing essays

Attending writing criteque with some very awsome writers

Writing more essays

Reading Victorian poetry

I also may have written an essay or two

Happy writing friends and in case you want to start mulling over it, next month's Literary Idol Challenge will be about fertility.

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