Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I Haven't Been Doing

Writing. That's what I haven't been doing. Not really. Not in proportion to all the time I've had lately to devote to it. Instead I have been

Going to costume parties

Sitting around the backyard firepit

Exploring Beaches

Going to More costume parties

Exploring more beaches

Having Tea

And generally making a hoolagin of myself.

You may remember a post of summer goals a couple months back. Let's see how I have fared.

1) Query----I sent off six. Does that count?

2) Finish my current WIP --- I'm about thirty pages further along than I was

3) Write short stories with particular magazines in mind for them ---Uh . . . I started one new story but didn't finish it

4) Read --Well this one was a lot easier. I got quite a bit more than usual reading in.

The point is that despite the fact that I am only six days away from returning to a classroom to run my mind through obstacle courses. Despite the fact that my free time will soon be so sparce that every moment of it will be spent before I get to it. Despite the fact that my list of goals and list of accomplishments for this summer look nothing alike. . .

I don't regret the way I've spent my time.

Stillness is a difficult lesson to learn.

Sometimes we need a little quiet, a little inspiration, a little experience. All writing is ultimately about life. What's the point if we don't live as well?


  1. It's pretty hard to meet all your goals when you're enjoying the rest of life...I get you. :) Keep trying...and what you were doing sounds like a lot of fun. I love beaches and costume parties.

  2. Exactly! What would you write about if you didn't get out in the world and live?

    I went to a Renaissance Festival this summer, which is basically a really elaborate costume party too. Fun!

  3. You work so hard at school, you deserve to take a little break! You made some progress, which is awesome. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with all of your exploring :).

  4. Definitely worthy things to be doing. Living life gives you fodder for writing, especially living it well. And good luck with the query responses.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  5. What you've been doing will fit into a future story. We have to be adventuresome and do oddball things and go different places. As Joyce Johnson relates in her memoir "Minor Characters", at her first day of college her creative writing prof. told the class, "None of you are writers or you wouldn't be here; you'd be out jumping trains."

  6. Laila --Thank you! :) I certainly shall. The world doesn't end with summer (despite what my little brothers might think)

    L.G.--I LOVE Renaissance Festivals! Unfortunately around here they only have then in the spring and fall.

    Keri --yes, yes, miles and miles of fun :)

    Raquel --Thank you! Hopefully I will get a few more sent out soon.

    Yvonne --haha. That prof. may have been very bad for me. Jumping trains sounds like fun!