Monday, April 7, 2014

E: Elephants

I know, I know, I have done elephants for e before and they don't have an awful lot to do with writing or literature but, but

I love elephants

And I saw baby elephants yesterday

and my summer job at the zoo has me selling things in the elephant gift shop (this can be nothing other than fate)

and I more or less consider elephants my spirit animals.

Amazing things about elephants:

Their social system is a matriarchal clan. Kind of like amazon warriors

They're as fierce as amazon warriors

They mourn their dead

The entire clan takes care of their young

They symbolize wisdom

They always look like they're smiling

Have you ever seen a baby elephant play?

Samwise Gamgee was more impressed by the existence of elephants than elves, orcs, dwarves or nasgal.


  1. I LOVE elephants. Especially the babies. We had a new baby at our zoo last summer. So adorable. I even included one in my futuristic novel. Completely out of place, but I had to do it!

  2. I also love elephants. I often say to my friends that if I were ever emporer of the world, the one off-the-wall thing I would do, in addition to all the common sense stuff to make human life more bearable, it that I would give elephants their own country.

    Not many things are more heartbreaking than mourning elephants.

    I'm keeping a page of A to Z blogs I visit - five links per letter, and only one link per blog. I haven't updated it since "C," and now I can't decide whether to include this one or your Doctor Post.

    best of luck with the challenge!

    1. If you rule the world can I live in the elephant country? Pleeeeaaase.

  3. An Elephant Walk for sure -- maybe Henry Mancini studied Buddha? :-)

  4. Aww. I love elephants too! Wanted one as a pet when I was a child....

    1. If only the average backyard were big enough . . .

  5. Elephants are such beautiful, majestic animals, with so many similarities to humans. I love the story about how two herds of elephants traveled many miles to pay their respects after Lawrence Anthony, "The Elephant Whisperer," died. They hadn't seen him in a year and a half, but somehow they knew he'd passed on, and made that long trek to his house.

    1. That is a beautiful story. Sometimes I think we can learn so much from animals.

  6. Love your A-Z posts honey! Good luck with the rest of the challenge xx

  7. I like your list of quick facts about elephants. They are one of my favorites, like many of the readers above. I like the quote from Budda, too.

    Stopping by from A to Z

    Carey from abundance in the boondocks