Tuesday, April 8, 2014

F: Fire

Fire is one of the main elements of human survival. We need it. We admire it. Or Prometheus would never have stolen it from the gods. It is beautiful. It keeps us warm. It lights our way. But it is also very dangerous.

Living in southern California I am reminded of this every summer and fall. Fire kills. It destroys. It turns beautiful woodlands full of green and wildlife into charred black wastelands with withered tree stumps.

And yet . . . what would we do without it? How would we see? How would we keep warm?

The symbolism of fire is ancient. We all feel it burning inside us, licking against the sides of our souls, crackling at us to let it out. Some of us do. Some of us don't. Sometimes it scorches only us. Sometimes in lays waste to the world around us.

And yet . . . what would we do without it? What would we learn? What would we feel? What would be the point?

In this I am inclined to agree with Frost. Ice is a much more frightening, terrifying thing than even the most dangerous fire.


  1. Interesting post. Hope to pop back again later in the Challenge.

  2. I've had pyrophobia since before I could remember. It's somewhat more under control now that I'm an adult. Five and a half years ago, I had no choice but to put out a gasoline fire (which I beyond-stupidly started) before it spread beyond the grass and onto the wooden deck. After the flames had finally all died out, I went to work with my clothes smelling of gasoline and smoke.

    1. Oh no! That does sound frightening! it does make a good story though :D

  3. If I were doing A-Z, I'd choose Fire for F.

    You done good!

  4. Interesting. I've never through of it like that. Good luck with the Challenge. :)

    Visiting on behalf of Untethered Realms for the A to Z Challenge.