Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors: White Hart #1

Hello bloggers!

Here is my Weekend Writing Warriors snippet for this week from chapter one of my soon to be published manuscript WHITE HART. Don't forget to check out all the other great snippets here!

Gawain groaned. A shard of light pierced through his eyelids and he forced them open. His head throbbed. Something clattered against the floor with a sound like battle practice against his ears. He gritted his teeth and pulled himself into a sitting position. A wave of pain spread down his spine and into his limbs. A whiff of garlic and onions filtered through his nostrils. He looked up at the flour and meat stained table beside him. A red haired child sat beneath it, scratching a wooden bowl back and forth across the floor.
How had he ended up on the kitchen floor?

And if you want a bit of context for that here is a quick summary :)

Gawain of Orkney has not been to Camelot since before his father led a rebellion against King Arthur. Now that the war is over Gawain is sent to attend Arthur's wedding.

The night of the wedding Arthur bids Gawain to hunt a white hart -- a beautiful deer of unearthly purity. Gawain accepts the quest but the dangers of the wilderness become hard to battle when he is bound by Arthur's new ideals. Gawain realizes he may not be so different from the knights of the old, violent ways of as he had imagined.

Gawain does not have long to decide which life he wants to chase. Not all the rebels put down their swords when his father did. The knights of the old ways are planning an assassination and even King Arthur may not survive his own idealistic trust.


  1. This snippet created a lot of questions for me. And your context para has me wanting to read this book! I just read another Arthurian legend this past week. Arthurian is one of my all-time favorite genres!

    Welcome back to wewriwa. :-)

    1. Thank you Teresa! It's great to be back :-)

  2. That question in the end had me asking the same thing. This is a very interesting story just by reading this one snippet. You pick an intriguing theme for it too. Good snippet!

  3. Interesting premise... and it sounds to me like our good sir knight has perhaps drank one too many small beers.

  4. Great Eight. I love the idea of visiting this universe again.

  5. Fun snippet full of great scene setting details. I hope he had fun before he ended up on the floor.

  6. The very title, 'White Hart', conjures up England ... although come to think of it, Arthur C Clarke had a collection of short stories he called 'Tales from the White Hart'.

  7. Fascinating concept and I love his dilemma of being on the floor, with no memory. Great snippet!