Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Character Interview: Gaheris of Orkney

Some of you may remember this interview from a couple of years ago. In light of WHITE HART being released this summer I decided to have Gaheris back to answer a few more questions.

Welcome back Gaheris. It's good to have you again.

Gaheris:'Tis good to be had M'lady.

Are you excited to be leaving for Camelot soon?

Gaheris: I'd banish meself to the otherworld if it meant I could leave home. No space to stretch me legs on those wee isles.

Have you ever left Orkney before?

Gaheris: Once, but Ma kept us all underfoot. Didna get to explore much.

That was three years ago. Are you nervous at all about striking out on your own?

Gaheris: I won't be on me own. I've got me hero of a brother and ten years of Da's accursed battle training to look out for me. I suppose he'll expect me to thank him for that but flay me alive if I touch a sword before breakfast once I reach Camelot.

You sound confident that everything will go well. Are you nervous about the high king's motives for inviting you?

Gaheris: We'll be his guests but seeing as Da was his sworn enemy up until a few months ago and me brother Gawain is his only rival for his title that's just a soft word for 'hostages'. I don't expect he'll treat us poorly though. He has to please Da as much as we have to please him or it will be the battles of the eleven kings all over again.

You said Gawain is a rival for the tittle of high king. Explain that.

Gaheris: Me ma is Arthur's older half sister. Tittles are usually passed to the male heir but seeing as Arthur was a bastard son no one knew about until four years ago the tittle could have also passed to Uther's oldest grandson --- Gawain. That's what the battles of the eleven kings were about.

It must be hard for him to go from heir of all Britain to glorified hostage.

Gaheris: Ach! He bears it well enough. Silently. Dutifully. Our family has to survive one way or another. Arthur didn't strip us of our land and that's a mercy in itself.

Well I wish the both of you the best of luck in Camelot. Do you have time to answer a few questions from my readers?

Gaheris: All the time in the world if Da doesna catch me away from the practice yards.

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Thank you all for reading and have a lovely Tuesday.


  1. Hehehe one of my main characters is called Gawain. It's used as a surname in my story, though. :-)