Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors: WHITE HART #6

Greetings life travelers! This week, Gawain arrives at last at the castle. But will he be granted entrance?

It was well into the night when Gawain and Gaheris reached the castle gates. The dark web of the portcullis cast shadows against Gaheris's face, flickering with the movement of the torchlight. Gawain pulled Gringalet to a halt and dismounted. The hounds crowded around his heels, sniffing at the iron grille. Gawain squinted, looking for signs of a warden on duty.
A clink of iron echoed in the entryway. A man appeared in the shadows with keys dangling at his hip just in front of the arming sword strapped to his waist. His steps were firm but unhurried as he neared the gate. He stopped when he reached it. Gawain could make out a thick black beard and a fierce scowl that reminded Gawain of the dragon he and Agravain had once seen land on the lonely shore of Orkney. “You seek entrance?” The man's strong, clear baritone echoed against the stones.

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And if you want to read more about Gawain his book WHITE HART will be coming out soon! August first. Only a couple more weeks. Who's as excited as I am?

Gawain of Orkney has not been to Camelot since before his father led a rebellion against King Arthur. Now that the war is over Gawain is sent to attend Arthur's wedding.

The night of the wedding Arthur bids Gawain to hunt a white hart -- a beautiful deer of unearthly purity. Gawain accepts the quest but the dangers of the wilderness become hard to battle when he is bound by Arthur's new ideals. Gawain realizes he may not be so different from the knights of the old, violent ways of as he had imagined.

Gawain does not have long to decide which life he wants to chase. Not all the rebels put down their swords when his father did. The knights of the old ways are planning an assassination and even King Arthur may not survive his own idealistic trust.

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