Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors: WHITE HART #8

Hello Bloggers! Hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoying all the snippets! Let's see how Gawain is settling into Camelot.

Gawain took a seat next to Gaheris and Abellius in front of a silver bowl of tiny white salt crystals. Abellius and Accolon gossiped about the court while Gawain drenched his trenchen in duck and swan, fish and beef. The tart sweet of grapes popped inside his mouth, followed by the tiny seeds of baked strawberries. Roasted almonds, dark cinnamon bread, and soft butter soaked onions fell apart in his mouth. It had been years since he had tasted such plenty. The halls of Orkney had been all but barren since King Uther's death and it had only gotten worse since Da had ridden out against Arthur. If Da had won those battles this meal would have been prepared by his cooks instead of Arthur's. Gawain would be serving it as heir to Britain and Arthur would be in the otherworld, unable to taste meat or bread ever again.
The sauce and rosemary covered duck in Gawain's mouth was suddenly harder to chew. Morgana was right. Arthur was a fool if he didn't want Gawain dead. A brave, bonny fool.

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And if you want to read more about Gawain the wait is almost over. One week left until August first when WHITE HART will be available :)

Gawain of Orkney has not been to Camelot since before his father led a rebellion against King Arthur. Now that the war is over Gawain is sent to attend Arthur's wedding.

The night of the wedding Arthur bids Gawain to hunt a white hart -- a beautiful deer of unearthly purity. Gawain accepts the quest but the dangers of the wilderness become hard to battle when he is bound by Arthur's new ideals. Gawain realizes he may not be so different from the knights of the old, violent ways of as he had imagined.

Gawain does not have long to decide which life he wants to chase. Not all the rebels put down their swords when his father did. The knights of the old ways are planning an assassination and even King Arthur may not survive his own idealistic trust.


  1. I was wondering how Gawain was feeling about his people's defeat, and then you showed me beautifully by using an unexpected sense: taste. This is definitely a savoury snippet.

  2. Wow, I was tasting that- the good and the bad- right along with him. Can't wait for this book to come out!

  3. What an elegant excerpt! I loved the lush description of the meal and admired the way you turned the mood to what Gawain had lost...

  4. So many.... flavors in this piece. Very enjoyable.