Saturday, August 15, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors: WHITE HART #11

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope your weekend has been great s far and getting better. This week Gawain and Gaheris are preparing for the final portion of their quest. Do you think they'll catch the allusive white hart?

Gaheris knelt to hook the spurs onto his boots. “Keep them pointed out.” Gawain said. Spurs were the honorary attire of an armed knight but he didn't want to risk hurting Gringalet. He'd seen Da return from battle with his war horses bruised and bleeding around their girths too many times.
Gaheris pulled out Gawain's arming sword and girded it around his waist. He thrust the knife he had taken from the giant Coromon into his own belt and slung the satchel over the back of the mare Gawain had saddled for him. His lips twisted into a wide grin beneath his too-big nose. “I think we're ready to show Camelot what Orkney is capable of.”
Gawain winked. “We'll show them more than that.”

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