Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Literary Idol Challenge: The Ode

People like love stories. Happy ones. Sad ones. It doesn't matter. We like the passion that overcomes reason and the feeling of conection between two people (or maybe that's just me). Romeo and Juliet. Tristan and Isolde. Ron and Hermione. Samuel Vimes and Lady Sybil (my personal favorite.) Literature is infested with couples. And here we are, two weeks away from the fated day celebrating that higher level of being called 'Love'. But what other relationships can be charactorized with that kind of passion and dedication? A father for his son? A painter for his art? A farmer for his land?

For this month's challenge I ask you to write a story that focuses on the love and passion for something or someone. An ode.

The word range is 50-1,000 words. (Altered this month because I will allow poetry for this challenge.)

Traditional couple love stories are, of course, just fine, but remember that there are other kinds of love that make people just as crazy. I'd like to see at least one or two of those.

Send your entry to:


and come back February 14th to vote on your favorite entry.

(For complete rules to Literary Idol go HERE)

Happy writing. May your words be laced with love and inspiration.

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