Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Snow Roses Summery

Snow locks herself in her chamber when her Papa, the king, dies. As the days pass it grows harder and harder to tell the difference between grief and nightmares. She is sad but she is also afraid. Afraid of her stepmother, Lucille. Afraid of the things she wishes she didn't know.

Until the night she can no longer hide from the truth. An attempt on her life forces Snow out into the dangers of a haunted wood.

Rose never asked who she was. She never wondered how she had come to live with the village spinster or why her guardian seemed to be afraid of laughter and bright colors. She was content to do her work, looking forward to the nights her Gran would come to visit.

Until the night her Gran didn't come. Until the night Rose stepped out of her safe, predictable village into a dark wood full of ghosts and monsters to look for her.

With no where else left to go Snow and Rose create a haven for themselves in the wood, learning to protect each other from the dangers. But the queen Lucille has powers far beyond their grasp and is used to getting what she wants. It will take something much more mysterious than secrets and much more powerful than magic to defeat her.

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