Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend Writing Wariors #3

Hello again. I hope you have all had a fantastic week and are enjoying browsing through the gems of Weekend Writing Warriors. Or if you aren't enjoying them yet I hope you will check them out now. There are samples of a lot of great writing.

Here's a 3rd snippet from my upcoming YA Dark Fantasy SNOW ROSES.

The cry sounded again. It was closer now. Hidden only by the thin cottage walls. I should have been moving away from the scream but somehow I couldn't. Not when it had felt so much like a cry wrenched from my own soul.
I stopped when I reached the cottage door. It was open, creaking back and forth on its hinges. A thick darkness loomed inside.

And in case you wanted a little context for that, here is the summery for SNOW ROSES.

Snow locks herself in her chamber when her Papa dies. As the days pass it grows harder and harder to tell the difference between grief and nightmares. She is sad but she is also afraid. Afraid of her stepmother, the queen Lucille. Afraid of memories she wishes she didn't have.

One night an attempt is made on Snow's life and she is forced into the dangers of a haunted wood where she can no longer hide from the truth.

Rose never asked who she was. She never wondered how she had come to live with the village spinster or why her guardian seemed to be afraid of laughter and bright colors. She was content to do her work, looking forward to the nights her Gran would come to visit.

Until the night her Gran didn't come. Until the night Rose stepped out of her safe, predictable village into a dark wood full of ghosts and monsters to look for her.

Snow and Rose meet each other in the wood. With no where else left to go they create a haven for themselves, learning to protect each other from the dangers. But the queen Lucille has powers far beyond their grasp and is used to getting what she wants. It will take something much more mysterious than secrets and much more powerful than magic to defeat her.


  1. She identified with the scream. Nice.
    Maybe it will turn out that it was her screaming all along...

  2. You created quite a spooky environment...what with the creaky door and the darkness looming...makes me wonder what will happen next. Nice. The editor in me would make two tiny changes. Third sentence should be attached to the first with a comma...and fifth sentence, I'd redline the had. No need for it : ) Have a great Sunday!

  3. Wow, excellent snippet, and the summary has me interested in more :)

  4. Oh my, intense and spooky and makes me want to keep reading right now. Great 8!

  5. Spooky. Of course she's going to go through the door, but you've done a good job of making it a tough choice.

  6. Very nice! Lots of atmosphere, and great job appealing to the senses. :-)

  7. Ooh sounds like an amazing read. All the best with it!

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    Can you email me at EdenLiterary at gmail dot com