Friday, February 26, 2016

Do You Have Goals #2

Hi everybody! I'm a little late getting this up today. In my non writing goals I was approved for the apartment I want yesterday and have five days to move so I've got a lot on my To Do List.

But this is important so even if I don't get to your post today I will by the end of the week :-)

And if you haven't already joined us hop over to Misha Gericke's blog The Five Year Project for details on joining her Do You Have Goals monthly blog hop. (Hint, anyone can join)

Five Year Project: Do You Have Goals?

Primary Goal: Sell an average of seven hard copy books or 35 e-books a day

I did much better on February's goals than I expected they were:

Sell seven hard copies or 35 e-books

And I sold exactly seven. I was actually a little shocked. The number was more or less arbitrary, meant to give myself a concrete way to gage my success. The weirdest part was that they were all hand sales to people who ASKED me if I had any copies and OFFERED to buy them. I didn't have to wave them in anybody's face trying to coax them into making a purchase.

I was a little less successful in my goals for actual writing. Those were:

Finish rough draft of chapters 4-6 of current writing project (aprx 11,000 words) ---I maybe made half that word count. I wish I had made more but I'm not beating myself up about it too much since my computer did crash halfway through the month and I haven't got it fixed yet. The word count I did manage was by hand and at the library so I'm proud of myself for getting it done at all.

Arrange and attend a meeting with my Crit Group --Done

Research the historical rituals of trial by combat --Done. Although I will probably research in a little more detail in March

I surprised myself with my marketing goals as well. They were:

Re-establish consistent social media presence via blogger, twitter, and Facebook --Done. Although I did disappear a little towards the end because of my computer

Attend and perform at 4 poetry open mics --Done. AND I was asked to co-feature in a poetry reading with another local poet. I am quite thrilled by this :-)

All in all, I am satisfied with my work and ready to move on to my next goals.

So I guess it's time to set those

March's Goals: Sell fourteen hard copies or 70 e-books

Actual Writing:
Finish rough draft of chapters 5-7 of current writing project (aprx 11,000 words)
Arrange and attend a meeting with my Crit Group
Research the historical rituals of trial by combat

Maintain consistent social media presence via blogger, twitter, and Facebook
Begin work on A-Z posts for April
Attend and perform at 4 poetry open mics
Co-feature in a local poetry reading

Keeping myself focused:
Daily yoga
Daily entries in gratitude journal
Daily meditation

Cut cheese out of my diet


  1. Congratulations on the book sales! And good luck with the move, that really does take over everything. Good luck for the A-Z challenge too, that's a lot of work! Poetry readings are great but, wow, I get terrible stage fright, so good job on those too.

  2. Thank you Angaline! I get stage fright too. Being on stage is so scary.I try to see it as a chance to practice focusing under pressure but sometimes I really don't want to get up in front of people.

    But when I do I am always glad I did :-)

  3. Hi Taryn. Good for you selling that number of books. And you have been so busy in other areas too. Well done you. And you have March well thought out. I haven't actually sat down and planned March, but I'm pretty much doing the same writing...

  4. Congratulations on your sales. And welcome to the A to Z!

  5. Good going on those sales and writing. My handwriting speed is about half of what I type, so I think you did good. :-)

  6. Hi Taryn and how wonderful to have sold books through people ASKING for them! And well done on the poetry readings, which sound like they opened up other opportunities for you too. Good luck with the move. I'm sure your writing will pick up once you're settled.

  7. Congrats on selling 7 hard copies. That's awesome. I would be terrified to do an open mic performance, so good on you. Good luck with your goals for March. Hope it's off to a great start.

  8. Congratulations on meeting so many of your goals! And good luck with the next set of goals.

  9. Awesome on the 7 copies! I don't know how you handled four open mic performances. I'm not exactly scared of the stage, more like I worry about gripping the audience. Best of luck for March~!

    "Cut cheese out of my diet." I WAS going to say I feel the same: I love my cheese, but I eat way more of it than I should. But are we on the same page? This isn't some weird inside joke? You're talking about cheese-cheese, right?

    Lol. :D

    1. Haha. Yes I do mean real cheese. I used to be vegan and want to start working myself back in that direction. It helps me stay in tuned with myself :-)

  10. Looking forward to your next goal update.

  11. You have made excellent progress with your goals! Good job.

    I like your goals at the bottom - I have been totally neglecting my meditation/stretching/etc goals for the last, oh, year or so. I used to do a bit of meditation while listening to music but currently I'm crippled by not having a working stereo. I definitely need to fix that but I've been saying so for a few weeks now and haven't done it yet!