Monday, February 8, 2016

Sonnet: Motley

For fun, for personal development, and to help spread my writing locally I have been performing at open mics in my area. Here is one of the poems I am presenting this month along with a video of me practicing.

I thought the mask theme was appropriate since Madi Gras is tomorrow :-)


Whir of colorless gauze begging for dies
Shadow filled laughter drowning out sound
Paint covered eyes spinning round and round
Drink bitter delights to sustain the lies

A popinjay decked out in white and black
Swallow the emptiness. Wash out the hues.
Dance to the silence of a drunken ruse
With feathers and bells dripping down your back

With masks twisted out of charm and wits
Don't let them see that your eyes are their eyes
Don't look at yourself. Don't dare become wise.
Whisk your cloak full of glittering bits

Invisible in gilded finery
Wear the costume you expect to see

What do you guys think? My performance skills have a bit of a way to go but it's going to be fun developing them :-)