Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Interview with my Readers: Sadie Marie

Last week I posted an article about why I write, which is, in summary form, for the reader. To honor that and get to know my readers a little more I am starting an interviews with my readers feature here on Taliesin and my very first reader to come visit us is the lovely Miss Sadie Marie

Hello Sadie, welcome to Taliesin. Tell us a little about yourself. 

Sadie: Hello Taryn! Thank you for having me! Well obviously I am Sadie. I am currently trying to pursue myphotography and at the moment I manage an awesome starbucks kiosk in Santee. I love to read, pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Reading, photography, drawing, and Dr. Who take over my life at the moment.

Sounds like you have a pretty amazing life going for you! What kind of books do you read?

Sadie: It's been great so far! Oh anything from teen fiction to reading the amazing views from Neil Degrasse Tyson and Dalai Lama. I am currently reading Girld Online which is an amazing book from an amazing youtuber Zoella Sugg. It's a teen fic about a girl dating a rockstar.

Wow, that is a very diverse selection. What inspires you to read and in so many different genres?

Sadie: I feel like when it comes to books I am so open minded. Each author has a story to tell. From it being fiction to non-fiction they each pour their heart and soul onto pages and it is so beautiful. It's weird but I feel like I connect very deeply with all sorts of books just like music. If that makes sense haha Books are definitely something I hold close to my heart no matter what genre. They help me escape from reality for awhile.

That makes perfect sense and not weird at all. It is nice, isn't it, to have a place where the mind can go and be free. Books give us that haven sometimes. What are some of your very favorite books?

Sadie: Yes! I am glad it made sense! And oh what a tough question! Well the Harry Potter series of course! How to Kill a Rockstar. The Art of Happiness. A Series of Unfortunate Events. Anything by Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Bukowski. Oh and anything Alien related!

Been watching the X-files reboot then I imagine! Did you get a chance to read SNOW ROSES?

Sadie: Yes! Oh my gosh and may I say it has been amazing so far! I'm thinking about binge watching it again on Netflix since they are taking Dr. Who off. And yes I have!

Good! I hope you enjoyed it. Why do you think people read and tell stories?

Sadie: I did! Snow Roses was the first book I read for my 2015 reading challenge and I couldn't put it down . . . unless I was at work of course. I highly recommend it. I have my friend reading it at the moment! Like I said before, I read to escape reality. There is good in the world but when life seems to be a little stressful or I can't just seem to handle it I read and escape. It entertains and to tell a story it opens our minds to many possibilities. Opens up our imagination and makes us a little more free from the daily routine that some of us might feel stuck in.

The mind is indeed full of possibilities. What possibilities do you see in your future?

Sadie: Well the possibility of finishing my story I have been writing. Adventure and exploring new placed with Ruby. Ruby my Camera! I have done so much already this year that has given me the motivation to do things I was so afraid of last year. I see hope, happiness and freedom. More than I ever thought before. I feel like I owe this new feeling to the books I read. They help motivate me to dream bigger and not to settle.

It sounds like books have a very special place in your life Sadie. Where can we find you on the internet to follow along with your next adventures?

Sadie: I'm pretty much on everything haha. Facebook: Sadie Marie, Instagram: Black_mirror_photography, and twitter: coffee_lover19

Thank you so much for joining us today Sadie! It was great to talk to you.

(If you are interested in becoming a featured reader on Taliesin e-mail me at I can't wait to hear from you!)

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  1. Taryn it is sweet of you to interview your readers... I did that in the past, it has been a while for me... my life became super busy with exercise and it took over for awhile xox Have a great week ahead xox