Sunday, April 17, 2011

N: Notes

When I take notes in class they usually look something like this

Something in my brain refuses to remember things when I'm not in some way multi-tasking. And neat organized rows of legible handwriting? They'd make me crazy. So here are a few of the sentaments I've recently jotted down in class between the margins of course material. While I was, you know, learning.

If hate is the other side of love I'm not willing to give it up.

Do we deserve to be shocked by the world or should we be prepared?

Don't extract answers from your book. Extract ansers from yourself.

Magic is too often maligned.

Children understand abstract thoughts because all their thoughts are abstract.

Individual doesn't have to be in oppostition to the collective. They are the same if you allow them to be.

Science and magic are not exclusive.

I do not believe in binary opposites.

Humans are not objectifiable.

Life is interpretive.

If you perfect all skills you will lose some.

Learning one thing blinds you to others.

Magic = something you can not explain = everything.

I do not beleive in defects.

Strengths can become prisons.

Something is what it is or it can not be defined.

Imperfection allows us to survive. Morally vacinated?

There is little difference between an exception and a mutation.

Which finger is the fifth?

Regrets are good.

Luxery of a concsious?

I hate the word outdated.

Nature rebels against the boundaries we set on it.

Science is a kind of mythology.

Mythology doesn't give easy, cut and dry answers. Science does.

I can adore fine art without belittling folk art.

Art should have no function.

Nothing is ever ALL something is for.

Art can reflect and shapes culture but that is not its purpose.

Is there a self beyond action?

So much emphasis on clarity. Not enough on expression.

I see the world in blue. All my thoughts are abstract.

Nutral ground is profane.

What you call a dumb decision I call embracing and experiencing life.

I am me, myself. I need no other definition.

Being fooled is part of understanding.

My pain is part of who I am. I will not give it to you.

Children don't need identity. They just are.

Personality doesn't need fixing. Ever.

I am an island. It is rich and plentiful, exotic and vast. You are welcome to visit its shores. Perhaps some day I will visit yours.

We are all vulnerable. We are all children.

Compete only with the self.

You ARE the masses.

Learning takes humility.

Rules do not exist.

A single word could never really describe an emotion.

There is no golden mean.

What people don't realize is that it is because I am pasionate about everything that I speak so little. Words and motions are never enough to express the intensity of what I feel.

We should all be able to fly.

People who dram about ideals may seldom be happy but they have beautiful dreams and go further than anyone else.

Meanings are in people.

Interesting and miserable is better than boring and the same.

Describe something as a fact. Never percieve it as one.

There are too unicorns.

I approve of craziness.

We need more kayaanisquatsi (disturbances that change life)

What does your word choice say about you?

Nothing is ever "just".

Don't sugar coat. Sometimes things are not all right.

I'm not keen on the word primative.

Does it matter if something is a lie?

A myth can happen anywhere.

Writing is creation.

Chase a comet.

Our minds can't comprehend a true apocolapse.

Practicality eats the soul.

We are the earth.

I will never know everything.

Embrace your cravings and romantic longings. The expereince more than the goal.

I want to go on a pilgrimage!

I want to reach a state of timelessness.

We are in an electronic revolution. We need a new romantic era.

Most of the "great" writers weren't paid for their work.

science is another kind of "mind forged manacle"

Chaos is comforting.

My concentration is askew.

I don't see it as dark and depressing. I see it as cycle and experience, better to be confronted than ignored.

No one is ever "just" a friend.

If you write everything down it is the same as writing nothing.

Also, if you've lasted this long (Odds Bodkins! I didn't realize how many there were when I started this!) I am doing a guest post at Velvet's vvb32 blog for her Fairy Tales in Bruges (the sequel) series today.


  1. Those are some great things you wrote down! A lot of wisdom in those scribbles. :)

  2. Holy moly! Those are some great thoughts. And you do all this while listening to a lecture?

  3. You've got some great tidbits there. I like the picture at the top. My husband always complains that I don't write on the lines when I write things in his notebook.