Thursday, April 28, 2011

X: X Marks the Spot

A shrine hidden in a faraway land
Calls me to follow what I cannot see
With no promise I ever be free
From the siren pull of desire’s hand.
Bound by the gravity of native sand,
I choke and spew on the salt of the sea.
Danger drowns my in strains of apathy
Unless I chase the waves beyond the strand.
A treasure is buried, waiting to be found
By the lost fires of my soul unbound.


  1. Oh, I love it. I love that line "Bound by the gravity of native sand."

    That was freaking awesome. Xcellent!!

  2. This is great - and a lot of it rhymes, too, I prefer poetry that rhymes. 'X Marks the Spot' has been a very popular post title for Blog Challengers.

  3. LOVE. Sort of reminds me of the latest pages you brought to crit group :). I love stories about buried treasure. Know any good ones?

  4. I love it. Great poem to really connect to the wanderings of a lost soul.