Monday, April 25, 2011

U: Unknown

Never underestimate the power of the unknown.

Sometimes that might mean leaving something unstated in your WIP.

Sometimes that might mean allowing a piece of mystery to remain in it that even you don't know the answer to.

Sometimes it just means chasing new ideas, new styles; skill you're pretty sure you don't posess. Sometimes it just means taking a chance.

So go forth today and discover the unknown.


  1. a whole new WIP plot? ok then! Lovely to meet you... Lx

  2. I like that element of the unknown or unexplained in a story. A little mystique never hurt no one. :)

  3. I agree. Every little thing doesn't necessarily have to be wrapped up.

  4. So true. An author shouldn't have to explain EVERYTHING. Sometimes the reader needs to use his/her imagination. But, I don't like books that end with a HUGE question remaining. Like "Did John and Jane end up together?" Some things have to be said.