Thursday, April 21, 2011

P: Pelinore

Today I have invited a special guest to come by and give us some insights about life, the universe, and everything. Or at least his involvement in my WIP. Please welcome King Pelinore of Arthurian fame.

*King Pelinore, a thin knight with long greying hair and hint of rust around the edges of his dented armor, raises his lance and releases a battle cry as he enters*

Me: Carefull Pelinore. Don't scare everytbody away

Pelinore: Oh right. Sorry. *he sets his lance down across his knees as he takes a seat* I'm still not used to this 'peace' thing.

Me: I understand. You've grown up in a very violent enviorment.

Pelinore: Ha! Not unless being called to arms every other year and constantly defending my castle againts bandits is a violent enviorment.

Me: It is.

Pelinore: Well then. I guess I did.

Me: Did King Uther really summon his kings and lords to battle every other year?

Pelinore: Give or take. Some battle sessions lasted longer than others and of course he never summoned the kings and lords he was planning to do battle against. Except once but he already had his real army, assembled in secret, waiting for them.

Me: You must be relieved that your new king hasn't summoned anyone for battle in the full three years of his riegn.

Pelinore: Ha! Beardless sop! I could use a good battle. Its as dull as a marriage around here these days.

Me: Ehem *glancing at the lance strewn across his knees* You are a mythic character rather than someone born entirely out of my mind. Does your work in my WIP feel like old helmet to you?

Pelinore: Old crown. I'm a king, remember?

Me: Right. Sorry. Does your work in my WIP feel like old crown to you?

Pelinore: Not really. I'm always glad to give Camelot another visit of course, but at the same time I'm not exactly the same Pelinore from all those myths. I retain part of their energy and influence and many of the same charactoristics but I am my own character and to me the experience is entirly new.

Me: Do you think that some of my readers who have seen you --or other manifestations of you --before might think they've heard every possible version of Camelot?

Pelinore: If you mean they might be tired of them no. My fans are always glad to see me. They might get bored during the pages between my scenes though --That reminds me. Looking at the word count so far would suggest that I am not actually your protagonist. This is ridiculous of course but I was wondering if we could negotiate --

Me: It looks like we're out of time. I'll see you soon Pelinore within the pages of my WIP.


  1. Well done. I'm always up for more Camelot tales (mine is mildly inspired by the Pendragons). And I agree with Pelinore. Give him more face time in the novel.

  2. Aw, you sent Pelinore away before I could ask him if he'd seen the Questing Beast pass this way. And I was sure I was hot on its trail. Sometimes I think I'll never catch that infernal creature...

    Fun interview, though.

  3. Ha ha ha!! He sounds fun to write. Almost like a Nac Mac Feegle, with the desire to fight and all :)